Speaking & Seminars

Escape:  Going Over the Cubicle Wall

A Coaching based solution to stagnation in the corporate environment.

In today’s workplace there are a growing number of employees who are dissatisfied with either their current employment and/or their current profession.  This state has been described as ‘disengaged’.  A recent Gallup poll reports only approximately 28% of the workforce is ‘engaged’ or actively working for the advancement of the company that employs them.   This leaves 72% either ‘disengaged’ or ‘actively disengaged’.  These are the people this seminar addresses.  The disengaged employee not only does not actively contribute to their employer (estimates are as high as $375 billion in unrealized profits), but is also unfulfilled and in many cases not too happy with the situation.  Industry focus is on re-engaging employees in company goals.   Our coaching focus is on discovering and engaging the client in the goals and dreams that move and inspire them.


The Mindfulness Of Aging

Non-denomination based introduction to Mindfulness Meditation.  Geared towards adults and seniors.


* These workshops can be tailored to specific audiences and organizations and typically run from one to three hours.

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